NUSS Global Trade

The NUSS Story

Nuss company was founded with the inspiration to create a new brand of unique food products in highest quality.

Nuss started out with few selected products and extended the spectrum continuously over the years. Today we produce and deliver more than 100 products which are successfully distributed in the food and retail industry.

It is our claim to keep our success story running, aiming to reach even more ambitious goals and ensure the continuation of the company´s inspiration and motivation.

Our Expertise

Our products manufactured from the best ingredients in unique processes that we develop.

Our knowledge and experience in the raw material market, enables us to choose the highest quality and to reach highest performance,

which give our customers a huge advantage.

Our Mission

Working towards total customer satisfaction, we uphold quality as our main ingredient.

Product safety and legality is our guarantee, through products expertise, first-class service, modern equipment,

continuous improvement and a highly committed pro-active staff.

15 years of experience

We provide professional service

High quality

We offer high quality products

Best offers

We offer the best price range

Highly reliable

We always deliver on time